Our large stepping stones are perfect for adding focus and balance to any outdoor setting. Because of their size and the use of sacred symbols, geometric patterns and mandalas our large stones naturally instill a sense of balance and harmony creating a sacred space wherever they are installed.

Large Stepping Stones come in 30" and 36"

Prices for Large Art Stones start at $299 plus shipping

To order our large art stones please call:
1.707.824.8443 for availability and shipping costs.

Approximate weight 70lbs.
Earthpaths stepping stones are hand made from organic materials with love and care. These pebble mosaic art stones are meant to last for generations.

Large Stepping Stone - Yin & Yang
Yin & Yang w/Slate (Large)
Large Stepping Stone - Flower Sun w/Slate
Flower Sun w/Slate (Large)
Large Stepping Stone - Om
Om w/Slate Large
Large Stepping Stone - Seva Eye
Seva Eye w/Slate Large